Most frequent questions and answers

Our puzzles on wall frame are beautiful creations designed by us. Our puzzle has the following features:

1- Exlusive concept where we provide a wall frame to assemble your puzzle over and over then directly decorate your favorite room we it. 

2- High quality materials: We select the best quality and the highest density of MDF (sustainably sourced wood) so we obtain a delicate but robust piece of puzzles giving you a highly pleasant handling sensation.

3- Slow laser cut that increases the puzzle pieces quality by reducing the burn marks.

4- Exclusive design and cuts: our puzzle are unique, made by us. The cut itself is a work of art. Rich in whimsies and telling a peaceful story that will add more fun to your playing whether you are a novice or a collector.

A whimsy is a special puzzle piece cut into recognisable shapes such as a bird or a tree. With the slow cut laser technology, our whimsies are high quality and very detailed.

Whimsies add fun and enhance the puzzle experience. We design the whimsies to match the puzzle theme:

The premium wooden puzzle «Royal Peacock» takes you for a walk in our magnificent garden inspired by the atmosphere of the Parc de Bagatelle in Paris.

The premium wooden puzzle «Imperial OWL» takes you on a walk through a fascinating and mysterious forest.

Royal peacock whimsies
Some of our Royal Peacock whimsies


You can order your Goldbird Creations® wooden puzzle from almost all Amazon european market places and UK. Also, we are planning to extend very soon to US, CA, AU and TR.

Amazon provides the best customer service. How it works? Goldbird Creations® provides the products, and Amazon handles packing, shipping and contextual customer support.

Still not convinced to buy on Amazon? These 3 reasons may convince you:
1- More competitive prices: Not investing in our own warehouse and delegating the logistics allows us to offer you more competitive prices. We also prefer to focus our time and energy in developing new products.
2- The product reviews: Buying on amazon allows to have a an objective idea of what other custumers are thinking about the product and compare with competitors. 
3- Take benefit of general return policy of a big company: In amazon, you can return the product within 30 days of receipt. We still hope that you are completely satisfied with our creations. If despite all our care you have the slightest question or concern, we can certainly solve it. Just contact us.
Bonus: If you have Prime membership get fast and free shipping on your purchase.

Cardboard pieces can be stamped out 1,000 or more at a time whilst wooden puzzles require cutting each piece individually. 

Here in Goldbird Creations® we offers you a fair price: Affordable but without sacrificing the quality. You can find some cardboard puzzles that are more expensive than our wooden puzzles with wall frame. 

The most important for us is to:

1- Offer you exclusive collections.  For that, we undertake not to copy any of our colleagues or resell an existing product on the market. Exclusivity has a cost. 

2- We make it a point of honor to carefully check the quality of the work of our designers and suppliers so we offer you the best quality possible. 

Statistically, for every wooden puzzle sold there will be over 100 cardboard jigsaws sold. Many lovers of jigsaw puzzles have never even tried a wooden puzzle! Here is an opportunity for you to offer a very original gift and make your loved ones discover a new passion.