New Collection 2023 – Rating

🚀 Welcome to our exciting new wooden puzzle collections! 🧩

We are thrilled to unveil five new collections with a total of 30 designs (YES 30 new designs! 😯), We’ve been working tirelessly to ensure that our new collections of wooden puzzles caters to a wide range of preferences in terms of designs, shapes, and colors. From square to rectangular and even circular designs, we have it all!
We believe that puzzles should bring joy to puzzle enthusiasts of all ages. That’s why our collections includes designs for adults, kids, and even the little ones. We’ve carefully curated a variety of puzzles that will capture your imagination and provide an exciting challenge for everyone in the family.
Now, it’s your turn to play a part! Rate each design from 1 to 5 stars and write your favorite one in the comment. Your vote will not only help us on adjusting the production quantity of each design, but also give you the chance to win an exclusive puzzle from each collection. 
In preview you will discover the 5 new collections.
1- Art Collection 🎨
2- Animal Collection 🐾
3- Nature’s Harmony 🌿
4- Ocean Collection 🌊
5- Kids Collection 🎈

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